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Property Lawyer Columbus Ohio

Property Lawyer

Legal Representation by The Fox Law Firm

Owning property is a goal for many people, and the law affects Columbus, Ohio residents and business owners alike. Whether you’re trying to purchase real estate, negotiate the terms regarding the use of your land, or need legal assistance in some other area, The Fox Law Firm can help.
Our firm offers litigation representation and legal assistance for a wide range of property and real estate law matters in Franklin County and beyond, including the purchase or sale of real estate, land use, eminent domain, easements, contracts, tax valuation and more. Attorney Justin Fox is experienced in this field and will work hard to help you achieve favorable outcomes.

Instead of tackling issues in these areas on your own, hiring experienced law firm attorneys can help you quickly resolve disputes and other problems, while giving you peace of mind that legal issues are being properly addressed.

Property Lawyer

Columbus, Ohio Law Services

At The Fox Law Firm, we offer clients a wide range of services to help them through complex legal matters regarding the ownership and use of real estate and personal belongings in Columbus, Ohio.


The law governs the ability for a person to transfer their real estate and properties to someone else, as well as change the type of ownership. For example, when people want to sell their properties or gift them to someone else, or change the type from sole ownership to joint tenancy, there are certain rules that will determine whether or not doing so is legal for the specific land or real estate in question. At The Fox Law Firm, we can assist you with these legal matters.


A deed is a legal document that states who owns a specific piece of real estate or land. There are multiple types of deeds, each with different rules regarding the extent to which a person owns specific properties. Whether you need assistance preparing a deed or overseeing the transfer of a deed to a new owner, our Ohio firm can help.

Private Land Use

Private homeowner associations in Columbus can make laws regarding the use of real estate and land in a specific area. The acts of creating, enforcing and challenging these laws fall under property law and private land use laws, and The Fox Law Firm can help you in any of these areas.

Land Contracts

A land contract is used when a seller finances a buyer’s real estate purchase. Hiring an attorney to provide advice or assist with the contract ensures both parties’ interests are protected and the intended goal is accomplished.

Zoning Laws

What a person can and cannot do with their Franklin County, Ohio land and real estate is regulated by a government’s zoning laws. When you make a purchase, a zoning law will dictate whether that land can be used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, as well as specific rules regarding how and where your home or business building is built on the lot. Working with attorneys can help you settle disputes related to city and county zoning laws.


Whether you’re a landlord creating a real estate lease to use when renting out your home or a business owner looking to rent an office building, have a lawyer review the lease before either party signs it to make sure the terms are fair.


Easements give people permission to use other peoples’ properties. For example, if the only way to access your home is by going through someone else’s yard, you may be able to get an easement over their land. This can be a tricky matter, and our law firm is here to provide representation during easement-related litigation.

Adverse Possession

In cases of adverse possession, people claim the right to real estate and properties without paying for them. This typically happens when a person has lived on the land for a significant length of time, or when incorrect boundaries have been used for a length of time. If you’re dealing with disputes related to adverse possession, our firm can help settle them.

Personal Property

Personal property laws state what happens to gifts as well as real estate and land that have been abandoned or lost. For example, in order for a building to be considered abandoned, the owners must have intended to let go of their ownership over it. Since “finders keepers” doesn’t always apply in legal situations, it’s helpful to have lawyers work through these issues with you.

Real Estate Law

The Fox Law Firm also specializes in all areas of real estate law, including estate planning, probate, land contracts, mortgage documents, business law and more. When you’re deciding what you want to happen to your assets at the time of your death, our firm can help you with estate planning and deciding how your assets will be distributed during the probate process. We can also prepare and review documents such as a mortgage, lease, closing documents and more. Whatever your real estate-related needs, The Fox Law Firm is here to help.

Justin Fox | Attorney at Law

Trusted Legal Representation

Legal matters involving real estate law property law can be complex. There are many different types of properties controlled by a variety of different laws throughout the city, county and state, and trying to work through disputes can be overwhelming.
Hiring attorneys to assist in such legal situations is a great way to help the process go smoother and to attain more favorable results. Real estate attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of this field of law, and know what to look for when determining the best course of action for your case. They can explain the law as it’s relevant to your situation, help you understand any problems that play into the case, and find the best possible solutions under the circumstances.
Justin Fox

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The Fox Law Difference


I understand the nature of deadlines and how quickly transactions need to be evaluated.
The Fox Law Difference


I offer an accommodating schedule and no matter is too big or too small for The Fox Law Firm.

The Fox Law Firm is Here to Help

Ohio real estate attorneys can help you navigate the buying and selling process, saving you stress and helping you avoid complications.

At The Fox Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio, real estate and property laws are our areas of specialty. With years of experience under our belt, we help our clients work through legal matters regarding their residential, commercial and industrial belongings – both real and personal. We understand how important your real estate, land and personal items can be to helping achieve your goals, and we want the best for you. We’ll take the time to discuss the issues you’re facing, what you hope to accomplish, and the best way to make that happen.

Attorney Justin Fox started The Fox Law Firm out of a passion for supporting small business owners in Franklin County and the greater Columbus community. An expert in all things real estate law, he’ll provide helpful legal advice, ensure you’re working with the proper documents, and provide representation during litigation.

He’s committed to always being available for his clients, being accessible to protect his clients’ interests at any time, and offering clients flexibility in scheduling and payment. Whether you’re looking to sell your house, oppose an easement, resolve conflicts or something else, Justin and The Fox Law Firm are here to help you through the process. Contact us today for your consultation.

Client Success Stories

Client Testimonial
Justin helped us negotiate a very complex and deeply personal real estate transaction involving our family farm. Throughout the process, he was attentive, caring, and responsive as he worked diligently to reach our goal of keeping our farm for future generations. Mr. Fox is a very capable attorney and we highly recommend his services.


Client Testimonial

Justin is a very knowledgeable guy. He helped me buy my first home which was for sale by owner. I didn’t have any background on how to do it and he was with me step by step with helpful explanations and answers to my questions. Thank you Justin for your help!


Client Testimonial

Justin was very straightforward and easy to work with. He assisted us with real estate issues regarding Board of Revision. Communication was great and pricing was very reasonable. Definitely recommending him to others.


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