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Business Formation Lawyer Columbus Ohio

Business Formation

Starting a Company?

Owning your own Columbus, Ohio business is the dream for many people. While starting a business is exciting, it’s also important to make sure the business is set up correctly. From choosing a business entity type to preparing legal documents to preventing potential disputes (internally and externally), many considerations go in to business formation.

The Fox Law Firm Can Help

Attorney Justin Fox at The Fox Law Firm can help set your business up for success with a variety of services surrounding business law. From formation documents to bylaws to operating agreements, he can assist you in creating a strong legal foundation for your company. Justin has the business law knowledge and experience needed to make the business formation process a smooth one so you can get back to doing what you love. Schedule your free consultation – contact us today.

Business Formation

Business Formation Services in Columbus, Ohio

The Fox Law Firm offers a variety of business formation and related services to assist you in starting and running a successful company in Columbus, Ohio.

Form Limited Liability Companies and Corporations

There are pros and cons to forming an LLC, S corporation and C corporation. When starting a business, it’s important to know the benefits and risks of each entity type so you can decide which is best for you. Attorney Justin Fox will work with you to discuss your business goals and needs, answer your questions, and assist in determining which type of business entity is right for you. He’ll also ensure you understand the law and take the necessary steps to create a legal business, including preparing and submitting the necessary documents.

Prepare and Review Business Bylaws and Operating Agreements

When it’s time to create the internal rules for your organization, it’s important to have a sufficient list. Whether you need bylaws for your corporation or operating agreements for your LLC, The Fox Law Firm can help prepare these documents. If you already have bylaws and operating agreements written up, we can review your documents to make sure you’ve included everything that needs to be included according to the law.

Business Dissolution

There’s a lot more to closing a business than just leaving the building. You must fill out paperwork and file for dissolution, liquidate company assets, settle any outstanding liabilities, and submit the proper notice of dissolution to interested parties. Hiring business lawyers can ensure you properly dissolve your business according to the law and make the process go smoothly.

Business Estate Planning

What would happen to your business in the event of an injury or illness? The Fox Law Firm can help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances with estate planning, including creating a will, succession plan, power of attorney, and more.

Partnership Agreements

Going into business with someone is exciting, but it’s important to have boundaries in place to make the partnership effective. Partnership agreements are essential to clearly communicating the terms of the partnership, including the responsibilities of each partner, how profits and losses will be split, what qualifies the partnership for termination, and more. Working with The Fox Law Firm helps ensure you have a sufficient partnership agreement in place, are prepared for disputes or other unexpected circumstances, and have a reduced risk for liability issues.

Partnership Disputes

Even partners with the best intentions can find themselves in the middle of a dispute. The Fox Law Firm can resolve the dispute by referencing existing legal documents for guidance as well as coming up with a new solution that both parties can agree on.

Joint Venture Agreements

When great minds think alike, forming a joint venture can be an effective way to bring the strengths of multiple companies together for a project. Having a joint venture agreement in place is crucial to ensuring all parties understand the law and their obligations. Lawyers can create a joint venture agreement that suits everyone involved and that assists in preventing legal issues in the future.

General Contract Review

A variety of contracts are involved in the creation and running of a business. Attorney Justin Fox can review your contracts to look for any potential issues and to make suggestions for strong, effective documents.

Save Time and Money with an Ohio Attorney

There’s a lot to know and do when starting a business entity in Franklin County, and trying to make sure you have all your bases covered can feel stressful. Lawyers with expertise in business law can help you understand what to expect when creating an LLC or corporation, what you need to do to properly set up your company, how to work through issues with your business partner, and more. Working with an experienced professional saves you time and energy, helps you avoid costly litigation due to poorly prepared documents, and gives you confidence knowing your business is being set up the right way.
Attorney Justin Fox comes from a family of Columbus, Ohio entrepreneurs and always dreamed of owning his own business. He’s seen firsthand the obstacles that companies face when trying to get up and running, and is dedicated to providing the knowledge and support that small business owners need. As a client of The Fox Law Firm, you are Justin’s top priority. He makes a point to return calls and emails in a timely manner, is always ready to protect your interests, and offers flexible scheduling and payment plans. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Client Success Stories

Client Testimonial
As a new business owner it’s hard to navigate the legal world, but Justin Fox was great! He helped us get started, prepared our operating agreement and offered a wealth of advice along the way!


Client Testimonial

Justin did a fantastic job resolving a business dispute that resulted in a better than anticipated outcome, and avoided a prolonged and expensive lawsuit. He’s a very effective communicator.


Client Testimonial

Mr. Fox is accommodating to my schedule and easy to talk to. He listens to my issues and has the ability to sort through my explanation and help me get to the point. He is also very quick to return calls and emails.


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